7•22•17 Kristen and Nick's Wedding

Photographers: Kami and Jolene Ceremony: Old St. Mary's Reception: Newport Aquarium
"Kristen and Nick had an amazing wedding. I knew it was going to be a great day from the moment I walked in the door saw the dress and met all of the excited beautiful bridesmaids. It was the hottest. day. ever. but you would have never known that through the photos that captured the love, warmth and enthusiasm of Kristen and Nick on this day. We all got to cool off at the reception which was such a great time. Kristen and Nick are definitely a couple that many should admire- so kind, sweet and in love. We were honored to capture all of the great pics of their wedding day and I hope next year on the hottest day of the summer we get to photograph a couple as sweet as these two. Congrats!" -Kami (Owner/ Lead Photographer)

7•8•17 Ginger and Eryx's Wedding

Photographers: Sara and Jolene
Ceremony: Armstrong Chapel
Reception: Livingston Lodge

"Ginger and Eryx are an adorable modern love story. After raising her kids on her own, Ginger met Eryx and as she told me she knew right away that he was the one.  The wedding was on a gorgeous sunny day, just perfect for these two.  Congratulations guys, we wish you all the best!" - Sara (Lead Photographer)

Stefanie and Bruce's Engagement Photo Session

Photographer: Jolene